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From the GUITAR9 MUSIC site....

Otherworld is an Australian hard rock band who've released their debut CD entitled Monument To The End Of Time. The CD offers ten heavy, guitar-laden tracks featuring the axework of Darren Wilson, who Guitar Nine fans know as the guitarist behind the "Under A Watchful Eye" EP/CD. Otherworld's aim is to combine class, power, melody and musicianship - one listen to the opening track "Next Big Thing", or the grinding crunch of "Two Worlds Collide" and you can hear the end results of the band's hard work. Tight, cohesive songs with blazing, melodic guitar solos and a definitive place in the mix for each instrument - Monument To The End Of Time pulls hard rock forward into the new century. Hard Rock, total running time, 51:55 (


From the Adelaide ADVERTISER, Thursday, 3/1/2002. The Guide...

OTHERWORLD Monument to the End of Time (Independent)

All too often independently released heavy rock falls into the repetitive style of crash, smash and bash. It's refreshing to hear heavy guitar riffs and fast, deep bass fusing with melodic solos for tight, well-rounded music. Mix that with a bit of soul searching and human rights action, and you have found a band with a strong social voice and not just a head full of long hair.

Ken Sinclair's searching voice gives the mostly esoteric lyrics, which are high on basic rhyming, a distinctive character. The opening solo to the album's title track is a highlight, as are the slower Self Preservation, the opening track Next Big Thing, the anti-church rock of It's My Soul, Not Yours and Everything and Nothing, which reached the top spot on the Heavy Rock charts on the Australian MP3 site.

*** ½

Jon Hart

From the FULL STRENGTH webzine...

Otherworld "Monument To The End Of Time" (2001)

Otherworld's "Monument To The End Of Time" is packed full of melodic hard rock and huge solos. Hailing from Adelaide, South Australia, Otherworld have the potential I think to receive international recognition. The 10 track opus demonstrates very high skill in all musicians with technical melodic solos, cool bass lines, powerful drums and nice vocal melodies. If you're a fan of good hard rock definetley check this out. Stand out tracks include "The Last Man", "Everything & Nothing", "Otherworld" and "At Death's Door". More info on this talented Aussie band can be found at



OTHERWORLD - Monument to the End of Time

When the average hard rock fan thinks of Australia, they immediately think AC/DC and a handful of other, lesser-knowns who championed elemental rock guitar crunch. The meticulous Aussie overview would find much more than that, but suffice to say, it is still an eye opener of sorts when more intricate, thoughtful crankage slithers out of the continent. Otherworld gets props for an intriguing album title, which sets the tone for the record. Bombastic, precision based and bluesy enough to fill the middle ground without brimming over in any extreme or specific sub genre. Recorded au naturale and mixed as such, the atmosphere recalls underground '79. Like Iron Maiden's early work, the power is in deceptively intricate bass and driving gallops, such as on the excellent "Last Man." Other tracks rely on fine riffing, such as the urgent march of "Crunchtime" and lyrics, a song that deserves a better title, for the music is on a higher dramatic note. Regardless, must sound great live. The "band song", yes "Otherworld", is a mix of ELP (intro) and Dio (the riff), making for a reasonable representation of the band's various talents. Sometimes stiff and incongrous, but when the band is taking their lyrics as serious as the music suggests, it clicks. - The Rock Devil

3 & 1/2 out of 5.


Otherworld - Monument to the End of Time May 2002 | Released: 2001, Independent | Reviewer: Rick

Otherworld are a rock band out of Adelaide, South Australia. They were formed in the summer of 1999 by guitarist Darren Wilson and bassist Steve Anderson. They took the classic route of placing adds in the paper to find the members to round out their group. They added drummer Bob Hutton and vocalist Ken Sinclair (who has since left the band). After their songs received a good response on various music download site they set out to record a full length CD. The product of their intense gigging and studio work is the 10 track disc MONUMENT TO THE END OF TIME. The disc kicks off with “Next Big Thing”. This songs sets the pace for what to expect from the rest of the CD. That is pretty much straight ahead bottom heavy rock. “Crude” kicks off with a riff reminiscent of the Cult from the ELECTRIC era. Otherworld grabs onto a groove with “The Last Man” and carries it for all its worth. Probably the best song on the disc. If rock is what you like, this is a pretty good CD. Otherworld know their rock music. They are heavy and I don’t hear a ballad or keyboards. They play from the 70s rulebook and have a no nonsense attitude that will do them well in this world of powder puff boy bands and intelligence deficit rap. If you like rock music done right check out Otherworld.

From Urotsukidoji's Pad webzine....

This is going to be a strange review. I'm gonna point out a bunch of problems with this disc, but then I'm gonna tell you that I enjoyed it. You say that doesn't make sense? Well, you're right, it doesn't, but that's how it is. Let's start with the basics. Otherworld is a Power Metal band from Adelaide, south Australia. They formed in the summer of '99, and managed to get this debut CD out by mid 2001. Now, when I first saw the packaging for this disc, my expectations were, to say the least low. The graphics are kind of cheesy, and the band pics show your average group of older metal heads that just can't let the past go. But, I don't judge a disc by its art, or the looks of the band, I go by the tunes, so into the stereo it went. As I make my way through the 10 songs, I noticed that the production is kind of muddy, with the guitars and bass often fading into the background. The songs are mostly in a mid-range tempo, and never really alter the pace, and they just seem to lack any real punch or direction. However (here is were it gets weird) I did enjoy this CD. Ken Sinclair's vocals are great, the drums are solid, and when you finally reach the chorus of a song, its pleasingly catchy. If this band could just kick it up a notch, and get some big name producer behind the board, they would be a serious force. I think what really makes this disc enjoyable, and its not really a tangible quality, is that you can sense the honesty in this band. They know they're not gonna be millionaires from this, they're doing it for the love of the music, the love of Metal. What more can you ask from a band? For more info, check out the bands web page. RATING = 6.5 Power-Metal (Released 2001)