Thursday, July 17, 2003...It seems each time we post news these days it's usually bad, so we here we go again. With much sadness we announce today the departure of our guitarist and founding member, DARREN WILSON. Due to time contraints Darren has decided to move on from the OTHERWORLD fold. It has been a journey of many ups and downs for us but Darren was always there through thick and thin, and losing such a valuable member will be hard but the rest of the band will continue and are currently working on a replacement to move us into the next phase of OTHERWORLD. We sincerely wish Darren all the best for the future....Good Luck, mate!! Hopefully our next update will be the announcement of the addition of a new guitarist!

SUNDAY, June 8th, 2003...It is which much regret that we announce our next gig which was to be at Le Rox on the 13th of June has been cancelled due to unforseen circumstances.

MONDAY, May 19th, 2003....Had another show lined up this weekend. It will be at Le Rox in Adelaide (city), Light Square, on the 13th of June 2003. Will be unveiling a couple of new tunes and a few surprises. More details (times etc.) to follow!! Stay tuned.

SATURDAY, February 15th, 2003....Played the Tonsley show last night and again got a pretty good reaction. It is great (and by no-means unexpected) how we are being received now we have a kick-arse vocalist in Mykyll. Stay tuned to either this page or the Gig Guide page for future gig announcements we have in the works......

TUESDAY, January 21st, 2003....Just (!) another gig to announce this time round. On Friday the 14th of February, we will be playing at the Tonsley Hotel on 1274 South Road, Clovelly Park. We will have the 11.30 timeslot so again, we hope to see everyone with the taste for our kind of stuff there!!

SUNDAY, January 5th, 2003....Happy New Year!! Well, our comeback gig at Le Rox went very well. Everyone seemed to think it was very cool and we ended the night with some big smiles on our faces and hanging out to do the next one! Thanks to everyone who came along and hope to see you again next time....

FRIDAY, December 13th, 2002....After a year in the wilderness, Adelaide's OTHERWORLD are back and ready to return to the live stage with new vocalist Mykyll Brend. OTHERWORLD will be unleashing their brand of traditional Heavy Rock at Le Rox, on Jan 3rd, 2003. OTHERWORLD has achieved international recognition from their debut CD "Monument To The End Of Time" and will be playing songs from this as well as new material written since the arrival of Brend. The band will hit the stage at 12.10 and hopes to see all of Adelaide's heavy rock fraternity make it to their comeback gig.

TUESDAY, November 19th, 2002....Posted a new review on the REVIEWS page from Urosukidoji's Pad webzine. Also put up a couple of new photo's that Mykyll, our vocalist has been working on. Check out the PHOTO'S page....

SATURDAY, October 12th, 2002....Added a couple of shots of the latest line-up to the PHOTO'S page for anyone who'd like to check out what we look like now....

THURSDAY, July 25th, 2002....Anyone who may have noticed a comeback gig being announced on this site recently are regretably informed that this show has now been cancelled. We hope to be able to replace this show with another in the very near future so stay posted!!!

THURSDAY, July 4th, 2002....This month, as we enter a new era of OTHERWORLD, with the addition of new vocalist Mykyll Brend, we've decided to drop the price of the CD somewhat, to allow more access to what the band was before, and to prepare new listeners for what is to come.Click on over to our album page for more details....ALBUM.

In other development we definitely are getting the ball rolling towards some gig action and some announcements should be made in the very near future. We also will be doing a round of print and radio interviews as soon as we have some developments on the gig front, so stay posted to this news page for more details......

WEDNESDAY, June 5th, 2002....Been a long time since we've posted any news due to the lay off after our previous vocalist left the band, but finally we can announce some great news! We have started working with a new vocalist, who goes by the name of Mykyll Brend. So far we have had two jams and the feeling has been great. He is an excellent vocalist and is far superior to our previous counterpart. We are working on getting the songs we will be performing live from the CD up to speed and last week he took home a newer original we had written before the departure of our previous singer. It will be interesting to see what ideas he has for the lyrics and melody for the latest tune and he will be really able to let rip, not chained to the confines of what we had already committed to CD in the past...We'll be sure to let you know as it progresses.

In further developments we have been able to add a CREDIT CARD feature to our ALBUM and SOUNDS pages, making it a lot easier for anyone wishing to purchase the debut CD. Just follow the highlighted links and if you like what you hear and see, just click the BUY NOW button!!

We have also submitted the song AT DEATH'S DOOR to Australia's JJJ radio competition, UNEARTHED, so it will be interesting to see what happens there....As we are a little different to the stuff JJJ usually plays, we aren't out to win it, but some exposure on their website would be beneficial....

TUESDAY, March 26th, 2002....Today we are posting a interview we have done with Aussie webzine FULL STRENGTH. This is the same site which recently gave us a great review for our CD, "Monument To The End Of Time", and we think this interview comes across really well. It's the first of many that we hope to be able to do. We have posted a new section on our REVIEW page so jump on over and take a look!!

Also the hunt still goes on for a lead vocalist so if you'd like to check out what we are after, check out our page we are using as an online ad for a vocalist...

MONDAY, February 18th, 2002....The search still goes on for a new vocalist. We've printed up some flyers and have been placing them around in every possible place, nook and cranny. Hoping for some quick results, but there may be a long arduous task ahead.

In further news, the excellent Tasmanian based site MELODIC ROCK.COM has a 2 CD set of MP3's available for current download. The first CD is full of more known bands from the melodic rock genre, while the second CD is made up of up and coming Aussie and International acts and OTHERWORLD has scored a spot on the second CD with the first song off of 'Monument To The End Of Time', 'NEXT BIG THING'. Jump over there to have a listen and check out the rest of the site while there. It's great!

And lastly we are still getting a bit of airplay around the place, particularly on Triple J and Adelaide's 3D. We have also been promised airplay from Melbourne's Prog/hard rock radio show 'Screaming Symphony' on Radio 106.7 PBS and Perth's 'Behind The Mirror' during the Metal Heart segment of the show which runs the last Wednesday of each month on RTR FM, 92.1.

FRIDAY, January 25th, 2002....We are now in search of a lead vocalist after the departure of our singer. We start our search immediately for a dynamic frontman, with strong vocals. We'd also like them to come from a heavy rock/metal background with a firm knowledge of whats required for this type of band. We will consider everybody and applicants can contact us at:

Meanwhile we will be continuing to promote our album 'Monument To The End Of Time'.

SATURDAY, January 5th, 2002....Got a review for 'Monument...' in this weeks 'Guide' section of Adelaide's ADVERTISER and have posted it on our REVIEWS link on our ALBUM page.

We have another show to add to the GIG guide. On February the 2nd, we will be playing outside the Museum of South Australia, on North Terrace, Adelaide. We will be the first band up for the day and will be kicking off a 50minute set at 1pm.

SUNDAY, December 30th, 2001....Well as 2001 draws to a close we can look back over another year. A year of many ups and downs, but we will always look back with fondness as this was the year we released our debut, 'Monument To The End Of Time'. 6 months ago we finally got the finished editions in our hands, (although it seems alot longer ago than that!) and we've spent the rest of the year trying to spread the word around as much as possible. We have received good hits for our full length songs we have posted around the internet and have had a bit of airplay for a couple of the tracks. For the band, things seem to be moving a little slowly but when we consider it is only 6 months since we finished the c.d. we still have a lot of work ahead of us in the new year to continue promoting it.

We start the New Year with a gig at the Seaton Hotel on January the 25th, unless we can fit something in before that. Then hopefully it will be full swing with promo activities and more and more shows. Our recent C.D launch was only our 20th show as OTHERWORLD so we are hoping to increase that number of the coming year.

Anyway, thanks alot to those who supported us in our quest in 2001 and hope to see you at some shows in 2002!!! When we have some more news we will archive this 2001 stuff and start a fresh slate. Once again, thanks alot!!


NEWS ARCHIVE for 2001.